Is Your Roof Past its Prime? What to Look For

Is Your Roof Past its Prime? What to Look For

February 06, 20243 min read

If you've lived in your home for several years, your roof has likely endured its fair share of wear and tear. While a quality roof can last upwards of 20 years, there are key indicators that suggest when replacement should be on your mind. Being able to identify issues early allows you to avoid more costly damage down the road.

Here are five signs that your home's roof may be near the end of its useful life:

1. Age

The age of your roof is one of the most obvious factors when considering its remaining longevity. While advances in materials and construction have extended potential lifespan for many roof types, they still don't last forever.

If your roof is nearing or past its average lifespan, it's a good idea to be on the lookout for other indicators that a roof replacement should be planned for in the near future. Even if you aren't seeing any issues presently, remember problems can develop rapidly once a roof surpasses its prime.

2. Visible Damage

Inspecting your roof regularly makes it easier to spot potential problems before they escalate. Walk around the perimeter of your home and scan for any visible damage. Pay particular attention to areas that see the most wear like along eaves.

Look for cracked, warped or missing shingles, damaged flashing and any punctures or holes that could allow water seepage. Also check places where the roof transitions, like around chimneys or skylights, for signs of deterioration. Don't forget to examine the underside too. Stains, dampness and peeling can indicate issues.

3. Leaks

One of the surest signs your roof needs replacing is the presence of leaks. Watch for water stains on your ceiling and walls, both inside and out. Leaks near vents, chimneys or other openings are common but can happen anywhere.

You may even notice leaks after a heavy storm or periods of wind, rain or snow. While you can repair individual leaks, frequent or worsening seepage usually means the entire roof needs to be replaced. Neglecting leaks leads to continued water damage.

signs you need to replace you roof

4. Shingle Damage

Depending on your roof type, inspecting shingles can provide other clues about your roof's condition. Look for damaged, warped or cracked shingles. Brittle shingles or segments missing granules are prone to breaking.

Also watch for shingle edges that appear browned or curled. Large amounts of debris like moss, leaves or branches collecting on your roof can hasten deterioration as well. Addressing isolated shingle issues promptly extends roof life.

5. Sagging Roof Deck

A critical component of any roof system is the underlying deck or sheathing where shingles are attached. Plywood and other decking materials can deteriorate due to moisture over time. Indications of a weakened roof deck include sagging ridges or areas that feel spongy when walked on.

Interior signs like uneven ceilings or cracks in walls and ceilings can also suggest decking issues. Repairing the deck often costs more than replacing the entire roof.

Take Action at the First Signs of Trouble

Spotting one or more of these warning signs means you should take proactive steps toward a roof replacement. Continuing to delay only results in more expensive repairs down the road. Contact a qualified local roofing contractor like Reiztel Roofing & Exteriors to schedule a comprehensive roof inspection.

Our experienced technicians will examine your roof and provide an honest assessment of its condition. We can identify any trouble areas and give you a fair quote for replacement roofing services. Protect your most valuable investment and avoid serious damage by getting out ahead of roof problems.

For a free estimate on a roof replacement or repair in Virginia Beach, call 757-513-7053 or contact us online today to schedule your inspection!

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