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Summer Siding Maintenance Tips in Virginia Beach You Must Know

July 20, 20233 min read

With the sun shining bright and temperatures rising, summer in Virginia Beach brings joy and outdoor activities. While you bask in the summer bliss, don't forget to give your home's siding the attention it deserves. Siding is not only a crucial element in protecting your home from the elements but also plays a significant role in maintaining its curb appeal. In this blog, Reitzel Roofing & Exteriors presents essential summer siding maintenance tips to keep your home looking its best all season long.

Inspect and Clean Your Siding

Regular inspections and cleaning are essential to prevent damage and maintain the integrity of your siding. Here's how:

  • Look for signs of damage: Check for cracks, chips, or gaps in the siding that may have occurred during the winter months. Addressing these issues early can prevent further damage and costly repairs.

  • Inspect for moisture: Pay attention to areas of water intrusion or moisture buildup, which can lead to mold growth or rot. Proper ventilation and drainage are crucial in maintaining a healthy siding.

  • Clean off dirt and debris: Gently wash your siding with a hose or a soft brush to remove dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris. Regular cleaning not only enhances the appearance of your home but also prevents potential damage caused by accumulated grime.

Repair or Replace Damaged Siding 

Addressing damaged siding promptly is crucial to prevent further deterioration. Consider the following:

  • Patch or replace damaged sections: For minor issues, patching the damaged siding may suffice. However, for more significant damage, replacing the affected sections is the best option. Be sure to use matching materials to maintain a uniform look for your home exterior.

  • Match colors and styles: When replacing siding, ensure that the new siding matches the existing siding in color and style. A seamless match ensures a cohesive appearance, enhancing your home's overall aesthetic.

repair or replace damaged siding

Preventative Measures for Sun Damage 

Virginia Beach summers can be scorching, and your siding is exposed to constant sunlight. Implement the following preventative measures:

  • Apply UV-protective coatings: Consider using UV-protective coatings on your siding to shield it from harmful sun rays and prevent fading. These coatings can extend the lifespan of your siding and keep it looking fresh for years to come.

  • Provide shade: Planting trees or installing awnings can create shade and reduce direct sunlight exposure on your siding. By protecting your siding from excessive heat, you can prevent warping, cracking, and fading.

Check and Clean Gutters Regularly 

Properly functioning gutters play a vital role in preserving your siding's condition. Follow these tips:

  • Clean gutters and downspouts: Clear out debris regularly to ensure proper water drainage and prevent water damage to your siding. Clogged gutters can lead to water seepage, which can cause extensive damage to your siding and the underlying structure.

  • Inspect for leaks: Check for leaks or damage in your gutters that might cause water to overflow onto your siding. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent water damage and preserve the integrity of your siding.

Professional Siding Inspection

Engage the services of a professional siding contractor like Reitzel Roofing & Exteriors to perform a comprehensive inspection and maintenance. Benefits include:

  • Expert evaluation: A professional can identify potential issues that may go unnoticed during a DIY inspection. Their expertise can ensure that your siding is in top-notch condition.

  • Timely repairs: Prompt repairs can prevent costly and extensive damage to your siding. By addressing minor issues early on, you can avoid major repairs and save on expenses.


As summer heats up in Virginia Beach, don't neglect your home's siding. Follow these essential maintenance tips to preserve its beauty and functionality. For expert siding services and professional inspections, trust Reitzel Roofing & Exteriors to keep your home's exterior gleaming all summer long. Schedule your siding maintenance today!

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